We provide clients with a quality of service we believe no other firm can match. Our client relationships are built on trust, discretion and transparency.


Our clients benefit from years of experience and development of our proprietary trading strategy.


Our experienced trading team will do all the work for you. We have developed a sophisticated trading algorithm to identify both long and short opportunities.

Experience and Transparency

Experience, transparency to our clients, risk management , and proprietary trading strategy are the formula for our success and our client's success.

Who We Are

Mediatrix Capital Inc.

How We Work

We Work for You

What We Do

Forex Trading

Why Choose Us

Our Risk Management


Our Approach

To be a successful investor and reach your goals quickly, diversifying your Investment Portfolio is essential. In addition you need a proven trader/manager with a proven methodology and team to ensure proper risk controls.

Investor Solutions

Our Managed Account Strategy is anchored by an investment philosophy emphasizing portfolio construction with an asymmetric return profile and definable downside risk to capital invested.

Managed Accounts

MC’s Managed Accounts are available only to Non-U.S. Investors. The minimum initial managed account investment is €5,000,000 EUR / $5,000,000 USD / £5,000,000 GBP.


We provide trading advisory services on a managed account platform to individual clients and institutions.

Managed Accounts

Investment management service to accounts in the clients account.

Investment Funds

We provide investment manage services to select investment funds.

Whitelabel Services

We can provide investment manager services under your corporate umbrella.

Client Terms

Managed Accounts are available only to Non-U.S. Investors with minimum initial investment of €5,000,000.00 EUR / $5,000,000 USD / £5,000,000 GBP or equivalent.

We’re ready to work for you

Our firm specializes in Managed Investment Accounts through the Global Foreign Currency Exchange Markets. We use state-of-the-art technology and strategies that have been proven to provide verified, consistent world class monthly returns.
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