Investment Objective and Strategy

Our Managed Account Strategy is anchored by an investment philosophy emphasizing portfolio construction with an asymmetric return profile and definable downside risk to capital invested.

The Trading Team invests in spot, forwards, non-deliverable forwards, and option (vanilla and exotic) positions consistent with the investment philosophy.

In portfolio development and management, the Manager ALGO Strategy adheres to a stringent 4-step process.

  • The Trade Manager utilizes a top-down thematic approach in developing underlying themes, drivers, and exposures to the macroeconomic landscape.
  • The Trade Manager develops directional and non-directional biases in multiple foreign currency markets consistent with his top-down macroeconomic views.
  • The Trade Trading Team constructs a portfolio of trades that offer advantageously skewed asymmetric return profiles and well defined downside risk.
  • The Trade Trading Team consistently manages the downside risk of the portfolio while simultaneously allowing favorably performing positions to earn a larger VAR (value at risk).

Duration and portfolio turnover will vary as the Trading Team maintains flexibility to market conditions, positions trades where a specific currency pair offers a qualified edge, and in consideration for liquidity on trade entry and exits.

Investment Objective and Strategy

Brokerage Practices

MC may effect transactions on behalf of a Managed Account with counter parties, either directly or through brokerage firms, in a manner consistent, in most cases, with the principles of best execution and price. MC directs all Managed Accounts to our Prime Broker (PB), Brokerage practices Blue Isle Markets, Ltd. All account opening activities are handled by the PB Compliance Department. Prior to opening a Managed Account, a Compliance Officer is directed to each client in order to ensure the account application and required paperwork is in order and submitted as a proper package. However, MC’s allocation of brokerage business will not be based solely on a desire to get the best execution and price possible. Depending on the situation, other brokers may be selected on the basis of other considerations, including, but not limited to clearance, settlement, trade platform functionality, record keeping and similar services provided to MC.

Brokerage and Investment Experience

The Managed Account will bear all brokerage and trading related expenses arising out of its investment activities. MC will bear all expenses incurred when utilizing third parties or members of MC to keep records of the Managed Account portfolio summaries, transactions and statements as they relate to portfolio trades made by the Managed Account’s various Brokers and Traders. If applicable, MC will be responsible for placing the Managed Account brokerage business and selecting currency trading banks or dealers. MC is under no obligation to deal with any particular Trader, or currency trading banks or dealers.

Only 120 Day Lock-up Period: Trading Account

After the expiration of the lock up period, all Managed Accounts are free to make withdrawals at the beginning of each calendar month with a 90-day prior notice of withdrawal so that any open positions that would be affected by such withdrawal are closed out. If a client expects to make monthly withdrawals for cash flow purposes, we ask that clients notify us of such strategy, so that proper margin and trade placement is set proportionately to accommodate a regularly scheduled withdrawal.


When the lock-up period has expired for any account contribution, withdrawal requests will be accommodated with ninety (90) days advance written notice to MC. The account, other than trading, is under complete control of the client. It’s very important that the customer follows the withdrawal rules due to the possibility of any open positions.

Performance Fees for Managed Accounts

The Client will pay MC a performance fee at the end of each profitable calendar month. The Client is responsible for any performance fees accrued from the beginning of the month to the date of termination. If a Client terminates the agreement before the end of a calendar month, the Performance Fee with respect to such Client will be made as of the close of the account. The performance fee will be 50% of a Client’s net monthly gains for all account under $250,000 USD. Accounts with an initial deposit balance of $250,001 to $1,000,000 will be charged a lower performance fee of 40% of a Client’s net monthly gains. Accounts with an initial deposit balance over $1,000,000 will be charged a lower performance fee of 35% of a Client’s net monthly gains.

To ensure that the performance fees are based on the long-term performance of a Client’s account, MC will also adhere to a “High Watermark” procedure in which MC receives a performance fee only to the extent Net Profits in Client’s account exceed any Net Losses that have not been recovered from a prior trading period. In the event the Client’s account has Net Losses that have not been recovered, MC shall not be allocated any such performance fee until Client’s account has first recovered such Net Losses. (Fees for Hedge Funds will vary; see Disclosure Documents for further information on HF).

Managed Account Reporting

The Prime Broker, 24 hours a day via e-mail, will make available to the Client, statements showing account balance, collateral reserve, confirmations of transactions and daily performance returns of the Client’s account.

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