Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

Our returns are gross monthly returns that are actual real live results verified by 3rd party audit into the current month. The existing algorithms used offer greater returns with greater risk controls.

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Our multi-year proven strategy is a combination of calibrated and encoded algorithms of Technical Analysis studies, using Cross Currency Correlations, trade sizing and an extremely detailed money, risk & margin management methodology.

The method has no bias to market direction and uses a comprehensive structure of multiple proprietary algorithms that use current market momentum, volatility, and a mix of diverse high probability technical analysis indications for entry and exits into the spot forex markets. The management of each trade includes the use of Current Market Price Action, Strategic Correlated Spot Positions, Predictive Cycle Analysis and Statistical Positioning based on Quantitative Models, combined with market intelligence and superior risk-management performance.

This approach allows for predictive adaptation to ever changing market conditions and continually allows for exceptional returns while keeping risk and account equity at minimum boundaries. No matter what the current or forthcoming market conditions throw our way, we are able to adapt on the fly and capitalize on the changes.

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