Advantages of Engaging Mediatrix

Our firm specializes in Managed Investment Accounts via the Global Foreign Currency Exchange Markets. We use state-of-the-art technology and strategies that have been proven to provide consistent and reliable returns. With a team made of the world’s leading FX Spot and OTC FX Currency Options traders and a mix of complex trading strategies, our company now offers one of the finest High Rate Investment Plans available today.

Accounts Held with the Prime Broker

Your funds are held in your name at the Prime Broker. Blue Isle Markets, Ltd. is the Institutional Prime of Prime Brokerage, and all accounts are held individually at one of several major global prime brokers. Blue Isle Markets, Ltd. is the exclusive Broker for Mediatrix Capital, and it provides direct access to the Forex, Gold, Oil, global stock market indices and other CFD instruments with advanced institutional technology. Blue Isle Markets, Ltd. offers MC institutional level trading access and a wide range of account products for qualified customers.

We know from our own experience that what our investors care most about is the safety of their funds. Blue Isle Markets, Ltd’s high standards reflect its reputation and track record as well as the integrity of Operations Management. As to execution, we highly value the reliable and transparent order fulfillment that functions seamlessly with our technology and in all market conditions.

Limited Lock-up & Monthly Withdrawals

MC offers a 120-day Lock-Up for its clients’ funds, one of the shortest in the industry. Our limited Lock-up allows our investors access to their funds for cash flow purposes as wanted or needed.

After the 120-day Lock Up, our accounts offer full liquidity. When the lock-up period of 120 days has expired for any managed funds contribution, withdrawal requests will be accommodated with ninety (90) days advance written notice to MC. It’s important that the customer follows the withdrawal rules due to the possibility of any open positions. If a customer demands a withdrawal of funds without the proper notice to MC, the account may be deducted of any current profits to pay for any positions that are pending.

Daily & Weekly Statements

Clients are given access to their own back office so they can review all trading activity and have the ability to request and print or save statements or view all activity 24/7.  Individual Managed Accounts that are set up through our Prime of Prime Broker are only accessible by the client. We trade these accounts via a Limited Power of Attorney and have access to the account to Trade Only. Clients pay us via request sent to the Prime of Prime Broker and only when we earn new net gains above each established new High Water Mark.

100% Full Transparency

Our trading process is confidential. However our results are not. Our clients are able to see each and every trade whenever they decide to view their account statements.

Mediatrix has No Access to funds in a Client’s Managed Account.

All client Managed Accounts set up through our Prime Broker are accessible by the client only. MC only has authorization to trade the account but has no access to any funds whatsoever. We trade these accounts via a Limited Power of Attorney and for Trade Only. Clients pay us via the Prime Broker and only when we earn new net gains above each established new High Water Mark.

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